Legal name of company:

P. J. Plas Plumbing Co., Inc.

8805 Lancaster Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-7836

Phone: (513) 891-7619

Fax: (513) 891-4929

Years in business:  41

Founded: 1960

Incorporated: 1960

State of incorporation: Ohio

Corporate Structure:

Paul J. Plas - President

Paul J. Plas - Secretary

Paul J. Plas - Treasurer

Paul D. Plas - Vice President

Association Links:

American Society of Sanitary Engineers (A.S.S.E.)

American Backflow Prevention Association (A.B.P.A.)

Mechanical Contractors Association of America (M.C.A.A.)

American Society of Plumbing Engineers (A.S.P.E.)

Allied Construction Industries